Viva is an energetic young kitty. While she may not remember anything about her life, she knows uncovering her identity is essential. While she may be passionate about her decisions to a stubborn degree, she makes every choice with the right intention in mind. With the ability to use her hat to become a parrot granting her the power of flight, Viva will not relent to uncover the truth!


Jinx’s hat should have been made of tinfoil as he is the team’s conspiracy theorist. His imagination can get the best of him, and get him on Viva’s nerves, but his handy macgyvering is an asset to the team. With his hat, Jinx can become a speedy rabbit, the fastest one on the team!



Olive is the kind of cat who is happy to blend in with the crowd. She’d rather go along with the majority not wanting to rock the boat in fear of overwhelming herself with responsibility. However, her life motto will be challenged when she finds herself with a hat that allows her to become a huge polar bear! Being the physically strongest member of the team, Olive will be needed more than ever!



What do you mean you’ve never heard of Purrche!? Not only is she the queen of pop in Catsopolis, but the whole world! Loud, opinionated but also rational and introspective which clearly shows in the lyrics she writes herself. She often plays the balance to Viva’s rash decision making, ensuring that everyone on the team has their say. With her hat, Purrche can become a tiny mink, able to squeeze into the smallest of spaces.



Who is the mysterious Soots? No-one knows who he is or where he came from. And he isn’t telling either, this little cat never speaks a single word… With his hat, Soots can become a bat but, other than flight, what his powers might be is also a mystery…



Dante is all about having a good time and partying all night! He can easily be found in his party limo, indulging in his favourite drink, brandy, up until the early morning hours. However, his laid back attitude has been known to test Stryker’s patience. Dante resides in the third tower, running the club, hotel and casino inside. He is never seen without his purple aviator sunglasses!



Ripper is a quiet guy. While Dante will steal the mike from Stryker at public appearances, Ripper will barely say a word. He resides in the second tower, running the city’s hospital and labs. The rumour among the employees is to never cross Ripper- that he has an unforgiving temper. He’s rarely seen without his mysterious tablet and never without his red shield sunglasses!




Charming. Suave. Charismatic. A real smooth talker. Yes, Stryker is a likeable guy. That’s probably why he’s now the first canine mayor of Catsopolis! He lives at the penthouse in the centre tower, managing both the tower’s bank and the city of Catsopolis. He’s usually seen with Ripper and Dante at his side and while they make decisions as a group, Stryker is at the forefront of every decision. He always wears his trademark golden sport sunglasses.